• NOTE, May 14: followup links added to meeting details.
  • Topic: How to use gitlab.com, Jekyll, and letsencrypt.org to quickly build a secure, static website at (almost) no cost. The tools and techniques to be discussed are the same tools and techniques used to maintain gslug.org .
  • When: Saturday, May 12, 2018 from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM .
  • Where: North Seattle College, Education Building, room 1840A .

If you drive, take N 92nd and turn north into the easternmost parking lot. There is usually plenty of parking.

Bus routes 40 and 26 and maybe others stop at either the west side of campus (9500 College Way N) or the south side of campus (N 92nd).

Those planning to make a presentation should either prepare a USB thumb drive, or bring their own computer. If you bring your own computer, a VGA cable is available but if your computer does not have VGA output, make sure to bring the appropriate adapter.

Edit 2018-5-14 Here are some links related to the presentation given at this meeting:

The slides and the source code will remain up as long as the hosting sites (google, gitlab) support them. The static site itself will remain up until the domain expires in a year.