• Topic: Looking at schedule of SEA/GL talks for later in the week .
  • When: Saturday, November 9, 2019 from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM .
  • Where: North Seattle College, Education Building, room 1840A .

SEA/GL is scheduled for November 15-16, yes, a Friday and Saturday at Seattle Central College on Broadway. It is free. We will find time to go over what talks are scheduled at SEA/GL, as well as whatever questions (including installing a linux distribution) or presentations anyone might have.

If you drive, take N 92nd and turn north into the easternmost parking lot. Parking is free on Saturdays and there is usually plenty available.

Bus routes 40 and 26 and maybe others stop at either the west side of campus (9500 College Way N) or the south side of campus (N 92nd).

Those planning to make a presentation should either prepare a USB thumb drive, or bring their own computer. If you bring your own computer, a VGA cable is available but if your computer does not have VGA output, make sure to bring the appropriate adapter. Also, if you plan to make a presentation, please use the gslug-general@gslug.org email alias to let the group know.