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What is GSLUG?

GSLUG is the Greater Seattle Linux Users' Group. It is the largest and oldest organization of its type in the Greater Seattle area.

Before the widespread use of the Internet and 24/7 chatrooms a LUG was a place that local users could meet in a group and provide peer to peer support; to solve their own issues as well as to advocate for the adoption of their preferred platform.

Where GSLUG is

GSLUG has rotating monthly meetings all over the Greater Seattle area. If you have a venue suggestion or would like to host a meeting in your area, please contact us.

What GSLUG does

GSLUG meets monthly, organizes events, and provides support to users of GNU/Linux and other Free or Open Source software.

GSLUG history

  • Founded in 1994
  • First meeting scheduled by Randy Bentson
  • Formerly met at North Seattle Community College
  • Some other stuff has probably happened

Goals of GSLUG


Educating Users, not just solving their problem but telling them how it's been solved so that they understand the principle of what's happening, if not the minute details, is a critical feature of the work a LUG accomplishes. Education means not just explaining which buttons do which actions, but showing users the 'wizard' behind the curtain so that they stop believing in magic as they come to understand the art that produces the magical effect.

Even more education

Free Software survives and thrives due to contributions from the people who use it. Contributing to Free Software projects requires a level of technical sophistication in certain tools which is not widespread among new users. GSLUG can help new users learn the tools and techniques to make the software they use better.


Good Times

Ain't no party like a computer party, cause a computer party never halts.


It's better than the alternative.

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