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Event Planning HOWTO

GSLUG meets within Greater Seattle. We have rotating meeting locations which are planned a few months in advance by volunteers. If you want GSLUG to meet in your area, then you can do this planning. Here's how:

Check with us first

We have a list of upcoming planned meetings at Meeting Info. If you don't see a month listed there, then it's probably open. Since we try to rotate locations in order to serve all of Greater Seattle, we want to keep meeting locations in sync with meeting times. Our 'service area' is roughly defined as the area withing 10 miles of the ring defined by I-5 and I-405. The rotation looks like this:


  1. January - West Seattle - One Cup Shoreline - Meeting_2016-01-09
  2. February - North King County - Kenmore Library - Meeting_2016-02-13
  3. March - Downtown/Central Seattle - ALTSpace - Meeting_2016-03-12
  4. April - South King County - KCLS Tukwilla - mjevans
  5. May - South King County - KCLS Burien - mjevans
  6. June - North (West) King County - KCLS Lake Forest Park - mjevans
  7. July - Core Seattle - SPL Capitol Hill - mjevans
  8. August - picnic - Salt
  9. September - One Cup Shoreline - Meeting_2016-09-10
  10. October - NSCC - koanhead
  11. November - SeaGL - Salt
  12. December - NSCC - koanhead

Organize a venue

This means that you have contacted the venue and verified that it's okay for us to be there. This involves reserving space for us. If the venue does not have a way of reserving space, then please try to extract a promise that someone else won't be there on the day.

Once you have identified and reserved a venue, please create a page for the venue on this wiki. Copy the page Venue Candidate to a new page using the name of the venue, and fill in the blanks.

Desired characteristics of meeting venues

  • Low or no cost to GSLUG
  • Food and drink allowed
  • Electricity and internet access
  • Projector & screen for presentations
  • Seating for 30
  • Open to public during meeting
  • Quiet enough to have discussions
  • Adequate parking
  • Accessibility
  • Food availability

Venues which have worked out well in the past

  • One Cup Coffee - has a meeting room, available on no notice, serves food and coffee. It can be loud outside the meeting room, and the captive portal is troublesome with some configurations. Koanhead (talk)

Venue providers


  • The new system is X weeks out.
  • Forget trying to get the larger room in the Bellevue library; even on the first day it is reserved in advance.

How to reserve?

Anyone can via the site (which expects all of the fields).

Seattle Public Library

  • For Seattle and King County Library System meeting rooms, GSLUG already has information on file. Check with the librarians to see if the information is still there; this can save you filling out forms.
  • Meeting rooms reservable from 4 days to 3 months in advance, max one reservation per month

How to reserve?

  1. Choose a branch: http://www.spl.org/locations
  2. Fill out the application form, available at the branch or this link: http://www.spl.org/Documents/branch/branch_mtgrm_app.pdf
  3. Return the form to any branch

More details: http://www.spl.org/locations/broadview-branch/bro-meeting-and-study-rooms/bro-how-to-reserve-a-meeting-room


We generally do these things in preparation for each meeting:

Add meeting date to GSLUG Google calendar

See GSLUG_Calendar for details. You need special access to the calendar in order to add anything to it. Adding the event to the calendar makes that date show up in the wiki and website front page. If you don't have edit access to the calendar, contact one of https://gslug.org/wiki/TODO#Current_Hat_Wearers

Create meeting wiki page

We have a template for meeting pages at https://gslug.org/wiki/Template:MeetingAnnouncement - it needs rewriting so that it can be rendered 'fillable'TODO. In the meantime, just click 'edit' and copy the source out of that template into your new meeting page, and you can go from there. Please check that the page has category Meetings, otherwise it will not show up in the list.

Go to https://gslug.org/wiki/Category:Meetings to see the name convention for meeting pages. A sample meeting page is https://gslug.org/wiki/index.php?title=Meeting_2017-04-08 - 'Meeting' underscore year dash month dash day.

Set /topic on #gslug

GSLUG has a reasonably active IRC channel on freenode called #gslug. As of this writing only koanhead, MJEvans and Salt have ops there, so only those folks can change /topic. After the meeting wiki page has been created, we post its url in /topic for IRC people to see.

Send mailing list announcement

Here's some sample text:

The next GSLUG meeting will be held on $DATE, from noon until four. Please join us at North Seattle Community College: 9600 College Way N, Seattle, WA 98103 Room ED 2842A https://northseattle.edu

More information can be found on IRC (FreeNode, #gslug) or on our website: http://gslug.org/wiki/Meeting_$DATE

What else should we be doing?

Other Resources

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