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The GSLUG Calendar is maintained as a Google Calendar. You can view it in HTML. Or, if you are a Google calendar user (i.e. you have a Gmail Account) then you can add this calendar to your list, and thus have it integrated with your existing calendars to always stay up to date with GSLUG events.

To add the GSLUG Calendar to your Google Calendar account:

  • When looking at your calendar, there's a box on the right that says "My Calendars", with a button that says "Add" in the upper right. Click "Add".
  • Select the "Add by URL" dropdown item.
  • In the "Public Calendar Address" box, copy/paste the following:
  • That's it.

If you have a third party client that supports calendars (e.g. the iCal application on Mac OSX) you can use one of the following links and subscribe to the ical version of the calendar for read-only access:

iCal format:
XML format:
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