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JitterBird created this space for discussing the GSLUG wiki development process. As of 20151025 koanhead is wearing the wiki maintainer hat, and using this page for maintenance information as well.


Ongoing wiki maintenance tasks


Where possible pages on this wiki are organized by category. These categories experience drift and proliferate over time, so they have to be occasionally re-organized and pruned. Please respect others' contributions when doing this work, authors find it discouraging when their work is deleted peremptorily.

updates unlocked page to current month

koanhead does not know what this is but is finding out and will add it here


Occasional review of recent edits to catch spammers and / or help editors where desirable. Bots can do some of this work but occasionally the human touch is helpful.

MediaWiki Markup

GSLUG wiki now has some actual text on the page one accesses to learn how to edit on a wiki page. This page is accessed from the bottom of an editing box when you click the link "Editing help". I adapted this text from another wiki site on Wikicities.


First Markups To Learn

Generally, most wikis have a Sandbox to "play" in... that is where you practice your wiki editing skills and learn the markup.

  • Click "Edit" to get to the editing box. (if there is already text on the page go to the bottom of the list of what people have written and insert your content there)
  • Type plain text in block format. Just skip a line to create a new paragraph.
  • Four dashes at the beginning of a line make a horizontal line ----
  • Use an asterix at the beginning of a line for a bullet point

Care and Feeding of Wikis

Obviously somebody has done their homework to set this wiki up. That is the first big step in wiki. Somebody has to set it up and administer it, keep an eye on it, and update the software. I don't know who your admin here is but you should appreciate your admin muchly!

But that person is not responsible for content!!! You are. Yep you sitting right there going "who me?" The entire community is "in charge." Don't kill your wiki by asking your admin to be your content gatekeeper. Instead, jump in there and start putting in content. Wiki newbies can put something in in plain text. If you ask, a more advanced wikizen can edit it for you.

The more you use the wiki, the more useful it is. A rule of thumb is put at least something in every time you access it. Participate in a discussion page if nothing else. If you are reading a page and want to respond, click the discussion tab and use the above markups to participate.

How To Insert Your Comment On A Talk Page

Current Tasks for the GSLUG Wiki Project

Extra eyeballs requested to look at the Help:Editing page and fix anything missed or messed up.

Editing The New Users Page

A new page is now addressing GSLUG Wiki Security Ideas to generate ideas and provide links to other information about security. Obviously, the final decisions/discussions about specifics of GSLUG security should go OFFLINE.

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