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Yes, I was the "freegeekseattle guy". What the hell that is is Free Geek Seattle isn't really happening any more. Feel free to contact me if you would like to make it happen again. Sorry, I'm out of T-shirts. Lately I'm working on flashing Libreboot to old laptops for activists and students and such. Contact me if you want to take advantage of this or to help out.

I hang out in #gslug, #freegeek-sea, #libreboot, #libreplanet-wa on freenode IRC.

Stuff I can help with


  • How to GPG (encrypt your emails and other things)
  • Basic Bash scripting (and when to not use Bash)
  • Basic PC hardware disturbance and renoberation
  • Introductory software development with Web technologies
  • Introduction to formal languages and computational theory


Was involved with Free Geek Seattle before the implosion. I instigated the implosion, so maybe that's more 'dis-organizing'. Currently planning the launch of a new organization, libremake- like an SPI for local projects not limited to software.

Well, libremake is not going to happen, or at least I'm not equipped to make it happen. Now I'm working on mesh networking stuff. See

Currently available for hire

Or, you could just give me some money. I like money.

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