Meeting 2008-03-29

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Saturday March 29th, 2008

We're currently planning a meeting for this day, from 12:00pm to 4:00pm.

Venue Information

  • Location: North Seattle Community College - Driving/Bus Directions and campus map
  • Room: IB 3420 (Instruction Building, 3rd Floor on the side facing I5)
  • Time: 12:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Parking on campus on weekends is FREE and plentiful - convenient!
  • The room costs us $40 per meeting, please plan on making a small donation to help cover costs of the room for the group!
  • There should be a wireless network up, ESSID "GSLUG"
  • There will be food provided by Silicon Mechanics (RSVP to get food! Need headcount!)

Speakers & Schedule

12:00 PM: Arrive, get settled, Food (thanks to Silicon Mechanics) and mingling

5-minute Lighting Talks

This month, lightning talks will be 5 minutes each. There will be lots of time later in the day for everyone to break into groups and learn more about each topic.

If you're interested in presenting, add yourself below.

12:30 PM: PGP, Duncan Smith

I'll explain the principle of the Web of Trust. In the freeform chat time, I'd love to have a keysigning.

Inner workings of public-key cryptography are out of scope for this talk. If you're interested in them, there's plenty of information out there.  :)

12:35 PM: TBA

12:40 PM: TBA

12:45 PM: Jaron, Fun with Firefox Extensions

While not Linux-specific, I will present several useful extensions for the FireFox web browser. Hopefully you'll find them useful as well. :) See for an outline.

12:50 PM - 1:20 PM Quiz, Raffle, prizes, give aways, by Bri Hatch

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM: Workshop & Freeform chat

The rest of the day will be open for people to chat, learn more about what they heard in the lighting talks, and get hands-on support with your hardware. Got a busted up Windows install on your computer that you need help getting rid of? Bring it along!

Duncan will attempt to coordinate an informal key-signing. If you wish to participate, it would be a good idea to email him an ascii-armored version of your key ( More info on User:Chronomex.

Who's Coming? (RSVP for food by the Tuesday before the meeting date, otherwise no food for you!)

Planning to attend? Please add your name below (Meat/Veg pref too!):

  1. ExampleDude / Veg
  2. ExampleGal / Meat
  3. Eric Butler / Veg
  4. Arnold Silvernail / I come to learn, not eat!!!
  5. Hitoshi Satow / pizza.setType("meat");
  6. Jaron / Meat or veggie, same to me.
  7. Tom / meat or veggie
  8. Javantea / Veg
  9. Lee Colleton / omni
  10. Abhishek Pratap / Veg
  11. Duncan S / Meat
  12. Ron Parker / Mixed
  13. MorganD Meat
  14. Walt / Meat
  15. Andrew Carter / No food
  16. Jakob / Meat if possible (probably not)
  17. Dave Johanson meat
  18. Jerry Horvath / Omnivore
  19. Brian Luft / Meat (if there is extra)
  20. Harvey / any
  21. Rihanha (Sheri) / 3 late adds - no donut!
  22. Curtis / no food
  23. Ioana / no food
  24. noid / no food
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