Meeting 2010-09-11

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Saturday September 11, 2010

We're currently planning a meeting for this day, from 12:00pm to 4:00pm.

Venue Information

Google in Fremont


This months topic is Servers. Talks will be focused on server hardware, applications, LAMP and such.


12:00 PM: Arrive, setup tables/chairs get settled, mingling

12:15 PM: Welcome & announcements

  • Venue details (where is the bathroom?)
  • Introductions
  • Announcements such as (for example) upcoming events, jobs, new distro releases
  • Upcoming events!?

12:30 PM: Talks

The first hour (give-or-take) is reserved for talks & presentations of varying length. GSLUG encourages open sharing and speakers of all skill levels are encouraged to share, discuss, learn and grow. Tell us about a project you're involved in, a nasty problem solved, etc.

lightning talks go about 5 minutes each plus time for questions. Regular talks are usually 15 minutes +. Please keep the length under 30 minutes without prior consent from the organizers.

If you're interested in presenting, copy/paste the next two lines to add yourself and change the details.

Talk Title - Your Name (~5 minutes)

Short description of what your talk is about.

Linux-HA - Mark Foster (~20 minutes)

I will show how to setup highly-available (HA) services in Linux, using drbd, heartbeat and keepalived.

Intro to Cron - William Hale (~5 minutes)

I will be going over some basic uses of Cron.

~2:00 PM Break

Talk Title - Your Name (~10 minutes)

Short description of what your talk is about.

~2:30 PM GSLUG Trivia & Door prizes

(Tentative)...Trivia questions & Prizes

~2:45 PM - 4:00 PM: Workshops, chatting etc.

The rest of the meeting is open format for the following types of activities.

  • Chatting
  • Learning more about what you heard in the talks
  • Working together on projects
  • Getting support... for instance, you want to install Linux on your computer and need some assistance
  • Fixing bugs - see Bug Jam & participate in the triaging and fixing bugs.
  • Swap stuff - bring your surplus gear, back-issues or books read and swap/trade with others
  • PGP key-signing
  • Google Wave: Anyone have invites to share for this service? Anyone want invites? Set that up here.

Who's Coming? - PLEASE RSVP HERE

Planning to attend? Please add your name below

  1. Will Fong - First time to a meeting! :-)
  2. Christopher Martin - Willing to car pool from Olympia
  3. Alan O'Dannel
  4. Devon L - Another first-timer.
  5. Yong Huang - first-timer; recruiting Sr. Support Engineers for
  6. Michael McInerny - newbie to gSLUG
  7. Andrew Gray - I think it's pronounced GLAMP, not LAMP.
  8. Jason Self - The "G" is indeed very important, because everyone knows that a penguin can't hardly function at all without a gnu.
  9. Brandon O'Connor - A first-timer transplant from Vancouver's Ubuntu loco.
  10. Michael Evans - Guess there's another Michael now?
  11. Mark Foster is bringing some actual server hardware for people to gawk at
  12. harvey
  13. William Hale

Next month's topic

We took a vote and decided that next month's topic is Distro wars. Dissent of this topic was expressed, and duly noted.

Post meeting

There's a coffee shop not very far away that can be a rendezvous for those interested.(Map)

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