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Non-Profit Status

Why seek non-profit status?

Non-profit status means, among other things, that donors get a tax break for donating. Also official non-profits get other perks.

How to get non-profit status

Applying for non-profit status with IRS

It's a pain, takes a long time, and is expensive.

The following steps cribbed from FGSEA wiki:

  1. Get a Seattle City Business license
  2. Register state business license
  3. File state taxes with the Department of Revenue
  4. Create a EIN/TIN or create one if we don't have one.
  5. Register a DUNS Number
  6. Obtain a copy of bylaws
  7. Obtain a copy of Articles of Incorporation
  8. Open a checking account
  9. 501c3 filing - step by step guide by the IRS

Applying for non-profit status under a Fiscal Sponsor

Other organizations which already have 501c3 status might act as a Fiscal Sponsor to the organization and accept donations / provide receipts on its behalf.

There are some orgs which exist explicitly to facilitate other charities in this way:

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