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GSLUG members are encouraged to add Project Ideas to this page. Make sure to include a date and contact information as well as a brief description.

If it's something other than simple, please create a separate page e.g. Project Foo in Category:Projects and link to it with a short description here.



A quick, easy and dare I say fun? way to get involved and contribute to open source is swing on over to the VoxForge website and submit your voice to the project, whose free GPL speech corpora benefits up-and-coming speech recognition projects for Linux. This is a shortcoming of Linux that it does not have a good voice recognition/command and control software i.e. Dragon Dictate.


If you would like to help shape Ubuntu, take a look at:

Website Redesign

For some time the website has needed an update, probably to use some better type of CMS such as Drupal or XOOPS. Anyone interested should contact William Hale (Salt). Please have some experience in web design and/or a portfolio to show your work.

Meeting Video

2009 Dec - Setup an icecast (or some other) video relay for the meetings. Make it possible for remote attendees to view, listen in and even partiticipate (IRC) in the meetings from afar. Contact: Mark Foster (delimiter)

Free Geek Seattle

Want to help promote Linux, open-source, help the environment and more? Free Geek Seattle is a grassroots movement (non-profit) seeking motivated volunteers to help organize and get us up and running. Visit our freegeek-seattle Google group and join the mailing list ( Introduce yourself as there is little need for lurkers on this list.

Free Geek Seattle is temporarily defunct

As of 20151016 Free Geek Seattle is no longer a going concern. The website is still up and the email addresses still work. If you want to help restart Free Geek Seattle you can contact koanhead for assistance.


Libremake is a new project which will provide legal and financial services to local Freedom-oriented projects. Free Software, Free hardware, Free techniques- you do the cool stuff, we'll file the paperwork. Libremake is still in the planning stages. You can contact koanhead if you want to help make libremake a reality.

Art Project: Debian logo stickers / t-shirt

Lee Fisher is soliciting art for some Debian stickers he plans to have printed up for LFNW and other conferences:

I ran out of those 4" Debian swirl stickers, for LFNW/SeaGL/etc local
swag, so I need some new swag for LFNW'16.

I have no artistic skills, so need to defer to others with those
skills. :-)

Instead of replenishing the existing swirl stickers, I was thinking of
getting something with "Debian Seattle" in it, to help grow local

So, the art contest is to create a sticker for Debian Seattle, using 3
or fewer colors, in a round/square form factor, for a 2" sticker. Target
file format should be SVG, not raster. Apparently some printers prefer
Patone(sp?) color system-based colors to be specified.

Try to How about a deadline of end of February?

The stickers will be given out at LFNW, SeaGL, and related local events.
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