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William Hale, aka Salt, has been using Linux since 1996. He started on Red Hat 2 and currently uses: Debian, Lubuntu, Arch, Chromixium, OpenELEC, Kali, Tails, OpenBSD, pfSense, and Tomato. In 2007, around two years after GSLUG had stopped meeting regularly, William got the ball rolling and was lead organizer through 2015. A Seattle local, William graduated from the University of Washington and owns a web development firm as well as an event bartending service.

His focus is on free/libre/open software and culture, public speaking, information security, and entrepreneurship. Other hobbies include: urban hiking (walking), dancing (east coast swing, folk, blues, tango), windsports (windsurfing, kiteboarding, sailing), skiing, boffering, gaming, reading, cooking, programming, robotics, and travel.

Recently, William has embarked on a journey around the world. Beginning with 3-4 months in Western Europe, he will hike/bike/boat to China over the course of 6-8 months. Once there, he intends to work while gaining proficiency in Mandarin for approximately 1 year. Finally, he hopes to take 2-3 months sailing back to America aboard a refurbished junk.

Along the way he will be working as a bartender/mixologist and managing web contracts from abroad. Also, he hopes to attend conferences, conventions, events, and festivals in the fields of infosec, linux, music, and sci-fi/fantasy.


The best way to contact William is through IRC on FreeNode in #gslug, ask for Salt.

If there isn't an immediate response, please stay connected.

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