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Hats that should be filled:

  • Host* - runs meeting - Michael
  • Recorder* - takes notes and headcount
  • Videographer* - records and uploads videos of talks
  • Reporter - follows linux news and distro releases - Johnny
  • Space coordinator - arranges meeting space with two month buffer
  • Talk coordinator - selects topic, arranges keynote and lightning speakers
  • BoaF coordinator - maintains list of active interests, selects based on number of attendees
  • Wiki maintainer - runs in-person signup, updates unlocked page to current month - koanhead
  • System administrator - keeps lights on and software up-to-date - Michael
  • Outreach coordinator - distributes flyers and handouts, updates facebook, twitter, meetup, etc.
  • Mailinglist moderator - adds people from sign-up sheet, promotes weekly discussion
  • Events coordinator - arranges conferences, software freedom day, day against drm, etc.
  • Finances coordinator - handles donations, maintains list of current and possible sponsors - Michael
  • Pro-social advocate* - guide to good conduct
  • * must be at every meeting

Prominent Members

  • Salt
  • mjevans
  • FIXME other users names?

Meeting Rotation List

Things that need addressing:

Organizer Meeting Items

  • Where will our next meetings be at? Who is going to be the organizer for that meeting.
  • What topic will be at the next meeting? At the next meeting after?
  • Discuss Honor Code
  • Do we want A/V recording at some/all meetings?
  • Move talk to Talk: page Future Event Planning



Things that need doing by anyone willing to help out.

Feel free to add more ideas here.

--Fostermarkd 23:18, 25 November 2006 (PST)

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